Sashi Moorman has worked in the food and wine industry for more than 20 years. Provignage is the culmination of his belief that the philosophy of the old world vigneron can be applied to and enhanced by a modern company of winemakers with a shared set of values:  honoring tradition; respecting the environment; striving for transparency and typicity.  Sashi and his family are deeply grateful to work alongside the talented winemakers at Provignage and the dedicated craftsmen, crewmen, agriculturists and proprietors and partners that are their friends, family and colleagues.  

Sashi Moorman is the managing partner at Domaine de la Cote, Sandhi Wines, and Evening Land Vineyards.  He also co-manages with his wife, Melissa, Piedrasassi, an artisan bakery and winery in Lompoc, California.