"Coming from a social media marketing position at an action sports company and an academic background in international relations, I was not what anyone would call a traditional candidate for a job in winemaking.  I possessed no cellar experience and no formal education in wine, yet for some reason Sashi and John took their chances and thrust me headfirst into winemaking.  Several hundred tons of grapes and countless wine-soaked t-shirts later, I found myself running a sorting line, racking thousands of liters of wine, filtering Chardonnays, and, perhaps most surprisingly, operating a forklift without bringing down a building.  John and Sashi are patient teachers who will deepen your love of wine through practical exposure to their highly focused winemaking philosophy and by introducing your palate to some of the finest wines in the world.  Although I still have a year left in the program, I can already recommend it without hesitation to anyone seeking to try their hand at making wine."