In 2008, Ben DiCristina quit his job as a social worker and spent eight months living in the Swiss Alps.  The nearby vineyards inspired him to visit Burgundy and the Rheingau, which opened up a world of fine wine and cuisine he previously hadn't known existed.  Upon returning home, he moved to Oregon and began working in the vineyard and cellar with Jim Prosser at J.K Carriere.  During this time, Ben realized the power and importance of terroir and decision-making in the vineyard, so he decided to broaden his education by enrolling in a post-baccalaureate Viticulture program at Oregon State University.  

Ben first met Sashi Moorman while completing a vineyard apprenticeship for Sine Qua Non in Santa Barbara County.  Inspired by Sashi's vision and commitment to producing terroir-focused wines, Ben decided to return to Oregon to join Sashi and Rajat Parr in the estate project for one of Oregon's great vineyards: Seven Springs.